Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Catastrophic love

A friend left me a message on icq last night telling me she's been very unhappy. Just one line and then a full stop. Without having her tell me the story I know what it is that causes the melancholy.

False love is a drug. It's so hard to pull an addict out of it. This boyfriend of hers treats her like a nobody; or even worse he humiliates and abuses her verbally and as a result her self-esteem is diminishing to almost nothing and her face shrivelling like a withered flower. She's in a state of self-destruction which is like a kid being grabbed on the neck and drowned into a well by an adult but the kid still struggles to enjoy it. Tried to help many times but she flung my hand away in the last minute.

I have no pity on her. What could be more demeaning to let someone tread on you without stopping for several years? He told her she is ugly, her hair is messy, her skin is horrible, her breath stinks; and he never wants to kiss her unless asked to do so...... When she decides she's had enough of these toxic rubbish she will resort to getting herself stoned by a lie "He said he loves me" and pretends to feel better and lurks back in the dark cave of decadence.

These people have been gnawed by the hallucination of desperate love to an uncontrollable level where they lost all their attitudes, dignities and senses. The situation is like the person you love comes holding a lighter to burn your skin for his entertainment, it hurts and you cry like hell but he tells you he loves you and then disappears not even bothering to dress your wound. He keeps coming back for the same purposes and you let him burn you again and again until your whole body becomes tattered.