Sunday, January 01, 2006

moving out

Ah. I know I know. I'm a lazy ass. I'm going to abandon this blog for the time being - not finding enough time and incentive to write my own boring life. But I'm co-writing another blog, not about my own life this time, here you go:


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dogs are lucky here

Actually I've got some things to write about, but they are not about Australian issues, rather they are about my classmates. I'll write when I get more time to spend in this computer lab.

Every day I walk to the bus stop which is quite a nice experience if not under storm weather. Today I met this little dog again sniffing flowers on the streets and hopping and running freely on its own. There are quite a few dogs doing this in the morning and late evening around my residential area. They walk side by side with you and they will stop and sniff the flowers or dig a hole in someone's garden and then run again. So lovely. I mean we never see pet dogs strolling along the streets enjoying themselves on their own in HK. They are all leashed up by their owners, aren' they?

Although life is pretty boring here, I can't deny that Melbourne can make life beautiful. I'm experiencing what's being described in the beginning of a song "What a wonderful world."


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A snippet

Please bear with me. Internet connection is inaccessible at my homestay family. The only chance I can use internet is at the university. Argh.

Often hear people talking about how new and simple a country Australia is. Now I've got a chance to tell my first hand experience. To be honest, their culture isn't distinctive enough to impress foreigners. From my observation over the past 2 weeks they are obsessed with sports and like barbeque very much that they actually have their own "Aussie barbeque" where Australian people grill sausages, seafood and drink beer with their family. I'm going to organise one with my classmates.

Went to the Phillip Island last Saturday and saw penguins about the size of a pigeon. They were gorgeous. Seeing them come swimming from the middle of the sea to the shore was worth all the waiting in cold wind. I think I've seen almost all iconic Australian animals in the trip - Kangaroos, Wombats, Koalas, Snakes, and etc..

It's a shame that I can't upload photos here in the computer centre. As soon as I manage to bring myself to ask my homestay mom for internet connection I will upload them for your enjoyment.


Friday, October 14, 2005


Here I am in Melbourne now. My homestay family lives in somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I need to do a 25 mins walk every morning under to the nearest bus stop and shopping centre to get some food.

On my arrival day, my homestay mom told me that I could use the bathroom for as long as I like BUT the shower time must be restricted to 5 minutes only. How very nice of her! 5 minutes. I'm thrilled every time she goes out, which means I have autonomy deciding how long I can use the shower for.

Apart from that, everything seems fine so far. The weather has been lovely most of the time. Today the morning temperature is around 14 and sunny. People are very friendly here. Air is fresh; living space abundant.

But, for some reason, most of us are missing HK already.


Monday, October 03, 2005


Some of you have already known that my boyfriend gave me a huge surprise about a few days ago by showing up at my door all of a sudden. When I was wondering why he hadn't replied to my email he was actually right outside my apartment about to press my door bell. Well, he's sleeping in my room at the moment and I still think he's unbelieveably crazy. Anyway. Just now I managed to squeeze some time to wander between blogs and write my own.

I'm leaving for Melbourne tomorrow. I've been told that internet connection is not available at my homestay family so my blog will probably stand idle until I've settled myself in Melbourne and found a computer centre there. I will try to update my life as often as possible.

Thanks for all your farewell messages and sorry for the inconvenience caused to some of you.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

A "rewarding" exhibition

Nobody was going to offer their seat to this old lady on the bus. I guess everybody on board'd been waiting at least 45 minutes for the bus and it wore everybody out. I glanced around. No one moved. My feet were swelling and aching in my high-heels after a few hours' walking. I slightly staggered toward the old lady and offered my seat to her.

(Please stop your big round of applause. I'm not here trying to say how nice a person I am. The interesting part is coming up.)

The old lady's husband thanked me repeatedly until we settled in casual conversations. He turned out to be a painter and was having an exhibition at the City Hall. He invited me. I was quite happy to be invited as I used to be a gallery goer.

So I went yesterday. The paintings were lovely. After Mr.Chan (the old lady's husband) greeted me he led me to a couple of men whom Mr.Chan introduced to me as secondary school principals. Mr.Chan spoke highly of me in front of them and told them I was taking an Education course. One of the principals gave me his contact details and asked me to get in touch with him near the end of my course and he will try to arrange a job for me.

It was very nice of Mr.Chan and the principal. Anyway, it just amazed me that how simple things could be so interestingly interconnected with supposedly serious and important matters in real life, such as job seeking. Ah, they're right in those children stories that good deeds will lead to rewards.


Thursday, September 15, 2005


This guy from my class is rather concerned about his own level of maturity. He told me he'd been turned down by a few girls in a row all claiming he was not mature enough. It was fair enough, he's only 23 and he must've been a few years younger when he'd been rejected. Does age really matter a great deal to girls? He asked.

If your knowledge and experience is more than what the girl possesses, then age probably doesn't matter much. But if the scenario is vice versa then it does. It's more about one's knowledge and experience than the actual age one bears. In fact, he's quite up to the standard of a 23 year-old boy at least in my dictionary he is.

Trying to boost his self-esteem I said "you're still young and you should give yourself allowances of taking your time to learn. Don't stretch yourself to the utmost. If you were my age and still unable to engage in any in-depth conversation in anything (Excluding things like video games and gossips) and hadn't got any stands in your own life then you would probably be considered a boring and hollow person. But now you're perfectly fine. What's more if you think you enjoy being simple and boring then just pick those boring girls who enjoy your company and....bla bla bla.... nada nada nada...."

"So you think I'm fine?" He cut in and probed.

"Yes, I do."

"Would you consider going out with a 23 year-old guy, like me??"

"What???????" F%^&(I#X@&*(Y!K@#^&#$*&